Reset Impression And Get The Girl Who Rejected You

A Woman Rejecting And Ignoring A Man's Advances

We’ve all been there. That girl. The one you had your eye on for such a long time. The one you finally decided to approach and openly pursue. That girl who rejected you!

It’s a common problem with no “push-button easy” solution. It takes a lot to put yourself out there, approach, and ask a girl out on a date. You feel vulnerable, you feel somewhat powerless, and you’re completely at the mercy of the woman in question.

And then she says “no.” She flat out rejects you…

She might be kind about it. She might be a total bitch!

However, once it happens, you have two options:

  1. Accept your fate and give up the chase, or…
  2. Decide to keep up the pursuit and learn how to get the girl who rejected you.

If you find yourself in the first camp, that’s your choice, and good luck in your future endeavors.  But if you want this girl more than anything, despite the odds being against you, then read on.

There are a number of approaches you can use to snag a woman who turned you down previously. Let’s discuss a few of the best ways to get the girl who rejected you.

1. Stop Chasing Her

A Woman Rejecting And Ignoring A Man's AdvancesI know this sounds counterintuitive, but what I mean is you absolutely must stop actively pursuing her. Back off and give her space. If you keep coming on strong in exactly the way you did before, you’ll come across as desperate, needy, or just plain arrogant. None of these increase your chances of landing the girl.

So give her some space and some time to develop a new appreciation of who you are and who you could be in her life. Don’t remove yourself entirely from the scene, but appear occasionally on the periphery of her life.

Let her see that your happiness does not depend on her. Enjoy a life on your own she would feel envious not being part of. Don’t be afraid to bring other women into the picture. Social proof is a powerful motivator and one that makes you much more desirable. Believe me, this subtle psychological suggestion that she’s unnecessary will start to inevitably draw her to you.

Women are used to getting attention from men. If she’s used to being the focus of your desire and energy, and suddenly that disappears and gets focused on someone else, it will compel her to chase you and get it back. If you can show her that life goes on without her, she’ll begin to wonder if she made a mistake by letting you go.

2. Use Your Time Apart Wisely

While you’re actively distancing yourself from her, use the time wisely to work on your shortcomings. Hit the gym, read a book, go back to school, apply yourself at work, and win that promotion you’ve been after.

Whatever it happens to be, improve your own life situation. That way, when you finally do return to her (or, when she finally gets wise and returns to you) she’ll be looking at a new man. One that she can’t possibly turn down so quickly.

Remember, she didn’t want the guy you were before. It doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t want YOU, but her impression of you wasn’t what it needed to be and she didn’t feel any sexual attraction. You need to “reset impression”, and to do this effectively, I highly recommend the Girlfriend Activation System which devotes entire modules to this topic. Read this post to learn more: Girlfriend Activation System V2 Review – Program Of The Year, Again?

3. Insert Yourself Into Her Life Gradually

Make friends with her friends. Take an interest in her interests. But do so gradually, and make sure it doesn’t appear as though you’re pursuing her from a distance. The last thing you want is for her to get wise to what you’re doing and start feeling like you’re stalking her. If she catches on, it will come across as sad, at best, or creepy, at worst.

So as you slowly go about integrating yourself into her life, make sure you’re doing so covertly enough to not attract too much suspicion. To get the girl who rejected you, she needs to know you’re there, so she knows what she’s missing out on. Just don’t let her think you’re there because of her.